Saints and Sinners Bingo

Published: 12th November 2009
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Saints and Sinners Bingo! Well, that sounds to be an exciting amalgamation of angels and devils!The objective of this game remains the same as any standard bingo game with a difference that here you play across the country bingo to reach the 35th Annual Bingo Championships.

How to Play Saint and Sinners Bingo?

- Just like the regular 75-ball bingo game, in this bingo variation you are provided with a bingo card having five rows and five columns.

- Every time a number is called out, it appears on the top of the screen.

- Mark the numbers that match the ones on your bingo card and complete the respective winning pattern on the left side of the screen.

- The moment you get the respective bingo pattern on your bingo card, push the bingo button.

- Remember, these winning patterns keep changing on every level ranging from simple straight lines to the elaborate cruise ships.

Trick your Opponents

Saints and Sinners Bingo allows you to view your opponent's cards at the bottom of the screen. So, watch your opponents play bingo to find out how close they are to winning. And when you find them winning, you can play some naughty tricks to distract them and make them miss their numbers. How? Well, you can use the charms to charm your opponents.

Have a Look at These Charms

- Once you are through with the first round on Saints and Sinners Bingo, you can collect these charms all through the game.Temptation: Just slide the sumptuous cocktail to any of your opponents and tempt them so that they forget everything about the game for 35 seconds. Now, that's very "satanish." No wonder why it's called Saints and Sinners!

- Wishbone: You are an angel and want to win without tricking others? Then look for Wishbone. This is a charm that brings a good fortune and helps you get a win by granting you a random number in the next call.

- These charms add spice to your bingo thrill on Saints and Sinners as they give a strategic twist to this game of luck.

- Once you are on Saints and Sinners Bingo, you are sure to get hooked up by the angelic and devilish charm of this game. Have fun!

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