Have Fun with Funny Bingo Sayings!

Published: 07th September 2009
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You might have played various bingo games online but have you ever experienced the funny side of bingo? Not yet...?? Funny bingo sayings and various funny bingo games are few aspects of bingo that leave you happy and dandy, always! So, laugh your lungs out with funny bingo sayings.

Let's discuss about few funny bingo sayings . One of the famous bingo sayings is "I only play bingo on the days that end with Y". Besides this , there are certain nicknames associated with the various bingo numbers that are included in the funny bingo sayings:

- Two fat ladies for number 88

- Gateway to heaven is number 27

- Ask for more, number 34

- Naughty Forty for number 40

and the list goes on...!

Apart from these nicknames, one of the funny bingo sayings that is really interesting and can gets the ball rolling is: "My husband asked me to choose among him and Bingo..... I'm gonna miss that man.....!" Saw that..??? People are crazy about bingo.

Another interesting saying- "Keep grandmas off the street" was very popular earlier as bingo was more the game of our big grand mamas at that point of time. However, these days bingo has made a special place in the hearts of all the players, from all the ages (above 18) and genres. Few of the funny bingo sayings are very impressive and witty. . So, every time you hear any new bingo saying just use it in your bingo chat rooms and impress your bingo buddies. Especially, if you are new to an online bingo chat room, it is the best way to get the attention of the players engrossed in chatting and playing bingo.

Smile and make others smile with funny bingo sayings!

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