Bingo Fundraiser Ideas

Published: 12th November 2009
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Whether you're supporting a cause or helping out the needy, bingo fundraiser is the best choice to raise funds. Since bingo is such a common game, people from all age groups can participate and this in turn will make your bingo fundraiser event a huge success.

How to Raise Funds: Here are some ideas to raise funds.

Sell Tickets

- Sell bingo tickets. If the prizes are worthy, $1 can be a marginal price for one ticket. Give discounts to the players buying multiple tickets. For example, you can charge $20 and let a player enjoy as many games as they want.

- Sell Sovereigns and Endorsements

- You can sell sovereigns and merchandise endorsed by celebrities and raise more funds.

How to Organize a Successful Bingo Fundraiser

The following ideas can effectively help you organize a successful bingo fundraiser event.

Choose A Good Place for the Bingo Fundraiser

Where will you organize the fundraising event? Outdoors or indoors? The place you will organize your event at holds utmost importance. If it is a hall, make sure it's properly ventilated and the sources of light are working.

Proper Seating Arrangement

Provide neat and clean seating arrangements for the expected audience at your bingo fundraiser event. Arrange enough tables and chairs. Get some extra stools or cushioned seats too, in case you need to seat more players than expected!

Arrange Bingo Supplies

Get enough bingo cards and markers for players. Remember, more sale equals more revenue. Plan how you will call the numbers. Get a bingo cage. If that's not possible, use a computer and a software to randomly pick up the numbers. Plenty of such software is available for free on the Internet.

Invite a Bingo Caller

If you are organizing a large-scale bingo event, invite a celebrity to call the numbers. Players would love to meet their favorite celebrities face to face.

Advertise Your Event

Advertise your bingo fundraiser properly. Do it in advance. Let people make arrangements to come to the event. Use simple and effective means of advertising.

If everything goes right, your bingo fundraiser event will be a huge success. Wish you all the best!

Jeffrey Mcmahon, the author of this article, writes about the gambling and casinos. Want to know more about online bingo and many other free bingo games.

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